In Canvas you can give a student special accommodation for an exam by adding extra time or attempts. Please read the following guide for the steps to take to set it up. Doing so would not affect other students in class.

1. Go to the quiz from Modules or Quizzes.

Screenshot of Menu Panel

2. Click on Edit.

Screenshot of Edit Button

3. Set the regular time limit for the quiz, as well as the available time.  Due date is optional, but it will create an item in the calendar and notification, which some students rely on heavily.

Screenshot of Time Limit

Screen for adding available from and until time

4. Add a new release condition for the student needing accommodation. If needed, you can add additional students. 1) Add the release, which will open up a new “Assign to” box below. 2) Select the student in the new box. 3) Be certain to enter appropriate “until” time to ensure the student has the window of time within which they can complete the exam.

Screenshot of Release Criteria

Add new release criteria

5. Click on Save to save changes and return to quiz page.

Screenshot of Save Button

6. Click on Moderate This Quiz.

Moderate quiz

7. Check the box by the student’s name.

Screenshot of Student Check Box

8. At the bottom of the page, click on Change Extensions for Selected Students.

Screenshot of Change Extensions Button

9. Input the extended time in minutes and/or the number of attempts too in this window.  Make sure you save your changes.