My Best Lecture: The Casual Adventurer’s Guide to the Sistine Chapel Ceiling

In the fall of 2014, the Adams Center began our popular “My Best Lecture” series, which spotlights faculty presenting on a topic that excites them and engages their students. The series connects colleagues across the university to engage meaningful conversations and to nurture our relationships with one another.

In this video, Dan McGregor presents his best lecture: The Casual Adventurer’s Guide to the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. For centuries, Michelangelo Buonarroti’s famous Sistine frescoes have been considered one of the towering achievements of Western Art. But why? Do they deserve their august reputation? Are they worth visiting, considering the twin headaches of being herded like tourist-livestock and shushed by guards? This lecture will unpack the secrets, symbolism, and cultural impact of this most famous cycle of paintings.

My Best Lecture: Tom Lee

How are community dynamics shaped by ecological change and the interacting of human and natural histories? Tom Lee discusses what he learned from 14 summers spent in Northern Michigan, studying rodent populations in bogs and old growth white pine forests. Watch this latest contribution to our My Best Lecture series.

My Best Lecture: Steven Moore

As part of the My Best Lecture Series, Steven Moore leads colleagues in a discussion exploring the mighty power of words to realize their ability to unveil the ugliness of humanity as well as shine a light on the beauty that is around us and within us in a lecture entitled “Pie, Poetry & Prose: Teaching to Engage and to Inspire Social Activism.”

My Best Lecture: Paul Morris

Whether we have free will and what exactly free will requires of us have long been problematic and unresolved issues. To most people moral responsibility seems to rest on our having some form of free will. The lecture will critically survey the contemporary status of the problem and explore why these are extremely important questions.