Abilene Christian University is a university where scholarly activity and innovation are valued and encouraged. Many undergraduate and graduate students add to the body of knowledge for their discipline through faculty-mentored research. These grants are awarded in order to increase the number of students working with faculty in undergraduate research projects.

The purpose of the competitive Pursuit grants program is to enrich student learning, support faculty development, and enhance the quality and reputation of academic programs by providing funding to support student and faculty research, external research grants, and promote research presentation and publication. Funding may be used to conduct research* or creative endeavors. Proposals must document faculty partnerships with student(s) in all phases.

Note: All Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols must be met before conducting research.

For more information regarding research proposals and IRB approval, contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at x2024 or see the IRB website.

If unsure of the need for completion of an IRB, please call x2024.

Full-time tenure-track faculty members are eligible to apply. Grants will be awarded by a competitive selection process, with applications to be evaluated and selected by the PursuitImplementation Team, composed of faculty from each college, the Director of Undergraduate Research, and the Pursuit Director (chair). Preference will be shown to proposals exhibiting a high level of engagement for student researchers.


  1. Increase faculty mentoring of students in research and creative activities
  2. Promote research publication and presentation
  3. Increase student opportunities for research and creative expression


  1. Faculty Funding. Funding will be provided for either release time or a faculty stipend of up to $5,000. The money for release time will be transferred directly to the department/college to hire relief instructors as needed.
  2. Research Expense Funding. Faculty can be reimbursed up to $1,000 for research expenses, equipment, and supplies. Receipts are required to document these expenditures.
  3. Student Funding. At least one undergraduate research assistant must be integrally involved in the research or creative activity. This funding is in addition to the faculty funding. Faculty members may apply for students to receive up to $3,000 for one academic year ($1,500/semester) or $3,000 for the summer. A maximum of four undergraduate student researchers will be funded for one project.

Faculty receiving a Pursuit grant must meet one of the following goals:

  1. Submit a proposal to present at a professional conference with their undergraduate assistants.
  2. Submit a paper or creative product jointly produced with undergraduate researchers for dissemination in a peer-reviewed forum.

In addition, ALL recipients must have students present at the Undergraduate Research Festival or another juried campus forum.

For more information contact Dr. Phyllis Bolin at phyllis.bolin@acu.edu or 325-674-2505.