#MakeMerry this holiday

The Learning Studio and Maker Lab want to help you #MakeMerry this holiday season. This Christmas we want to help you use the break to make something with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Never used Photoshop or Illustrator? No problem! All day Dead Day we’ll help students download Adobe’s pro-level design and media tools to put a little making into your holiday (download at acu.edu/adobe-cc).

Join us next week to #MakeMerry, beginning with holiday snacks and downloads on Dead Day.

Make It with Adobe Creative Cloud

Our holiday promotion is focusing on Adobe CC because we’re half-way through our first year of CC access for all students and faculty. This year we’ve seen some great projects and we want to share just a few of them with you this next week.

Adobe Creative Cloud lets you build on a platform used by professionals in design, media, web production and storytelling, and students all over campus are producing some remarkable work with Adobe CC.

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Episode Xmas Premiere

Thanks to the ACU faculty and students who joined us in the Learning Studio last week to audition for Star Wars: The Final Exam.

The #EpisodeXmas event went well and we wanted to share a quick trailer before you head to the theatre to see the actual film. The students brought great energy, costumes, and some mad jedi skills to the event.

In case you’re looking to create your own Star Wars trailer over the holidays, here were a couple blog posts on adding some Adobe CC magic to your next project.

    Special thanks to faculty who joined us on the day (hoping not to leave anyone out): Cole Bennett, Dena Counts, Brad Crisp, Cherisse Flanagan Houston Heflin, David Kneip, Andy Little, Steven Moore, Jason Morris, Laura and Mark Phillips, Brent Reeves, Tracy Shilcutt, Jessica Smith, and Jeanine Varner.

    Film Studies Projects

    This semester Al Haley and Kyle Dickson taught Introduction to Film for the first time and students were asked to produce a major project that demonstrated their mastery of core concepts of the course. Learning Studio staff spent several class days introducing students to camera movement, audio, and editing before they produced their projects in Camtasia and Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Here are a few of the final projects.

      Film Analysis Digital Essay – Working individually or with a partner, produce a short 3-5 minute analysis of a film from our semester that accounts for the technical aspects of its production within the context of the director’s work or genre. Your digital essay seeks to highlight an informed point of view with carefully chosen stills/clips from your film(s) synced to your audio commentary. (For examples of this type of video essay, see Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting).

      Short Narrative Film – Working individually or with a partner, write, direct, and produce a short film, following ACU FilmFest guidelines, that builds on your working knowledge of story structure, character development, and genre this semester. The short film should demonstrate mastery of the fundamentals of camera movement, shot composition, lighting, audio, and editing, all of which we’ll introduce in workshops in the Learning Studio this semester. (For inspiration, see past projects on the FilmFest Archive).

    Episode Xmas: Behind the Scenes

    This year’s Christmas promotion gave us a chance to highlight the creativity of ACU students and faculty as well as a few of the media specialists in the Learning Studio.

    Knowing that Episode VII would be on the minds of many on campus during Finals Week, we thought we’d tap into the excitement by asking Ben Todd, one of our student media specialists, to complete some original animations that would appear on digital signage, the web, and in a life-size cut-out as students came upstairs to study. He completed original drawings of Han, Leia and Chewbaca that appeared in a range of promotional materials.

    Our full-time media production staff came up with the #EpisodeXmas tag as well as the tie-ins to Adobe Creative Cloud we rolled out on the blog.

    Finally, Nathan Driskell produced the logo and the graphic design behind the campaign as well as a short film about Ben’s creative process delivering the original animations.

    All around it was an exciting week in the Learning Studio and already has us looking forward to Episode VIII.



    Green Screen Action with Premiere Pro CC

    In preparation for the next chapter in the Star Wars saga, we’re thinking about ways to combine the power of Adobe Creative Cloud with some Jedi mojo to awaken your creative force.

    The visual effects behind the first Star Wars films were a galaxy far, far away from the digital tools available on any laptop or phone today. But the effects wizards at Lucasfilm have been using green/blue screen effects from the beginning.


    You probably know we’ve been checking out portable green screens for some time (LS Unboxed video https://vimeo.com/60284641 ), but this spring trained students and faculty will now have access to the full green-screen studio upstairs in the Learning Studio. Take some time over the break to learn how easy it is to use the built-in green screen tools available in Premiere Pro CC by following the link below.

    Adobe CC Green Screen Workflow 


    Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@learningstudio) or Facebook (aculearningstudio) and share your best Star Wars Christmas puns to #episodexmas for a chance to win a Jedi prize!

    “Luke, I am your Proctor”

    Star Wars Practice Exams are here & at the Learning Studio front desk to help you prepare for the Star Wars Final Exam on Monday for the Episode Xmas Grand Prize Win!!!!

    STAR WARS – Practice Test