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In the Learning Studio this week, we’re working with a dozen faculty and MaryAnn McNair from the Center for Digital Storytelling. This is our third three-day workshop and we’re honored to continue this work with this program.


(Here is a quick summary of the difference between Public Domain, Rights, and Royalty Free images and sties.)

Lightpainting at Fort Griffin

This September we took a group of advanced photographers–and aspiring advanced photographers–out to Albany, Texas, to shoot the big sky. Nil Santana from the department of Art & Design worked to help participants get the most out of their cameras and find an original point of view.

Thanks so much to Tecia Santana and to Sandra and Ben from the Learning Studio for their expert painting. The pictures everyone submitted really give you a sense of how clear a night in West Texas can be. Amazing night. Thanks so much to everyone who came along.


Digital Storytelling facilitator training

This last week Joe Lambert from the Center for Digital Storytelling joined us for a one-week follow-up to our workshop last May. During the week he and Beverly Bickel from CDS trained on-campus volunteers to facilitate future digital storytelling workshops.

As part of the facilitator training, a small group of campus volunteers went through a “workshop within a workshop” where they created stories of their own. See below for select stories from each workshop..


Digital Stories – August 2011

Digital Stories – May 2011


Digital Storytelling Workshop Reflections – May 2011


Digital Storytelling workshop

A remarkable three days in the Learning Studio with our first Digital Storytelling workshop led by Joe Lambert and Mary Ann McNair of the Center for Digital Storytelling.

Twelve faculty members were joined by Adams Center staff and media specialists to produce first-person narratives and understand the future of digital storytelling in the general curriculum. Remarkable first efforts from our faculty.



Interview with Joe Lambert – executive director of the CDS


Digital Stories



Digital Storytelling on campus

The week after Finals, we will host a 3-day workshop with Joe Lambert from the Center for Digital Storytelling introducing faculty to making media assignments.

Digital stories are short media projects that combine strong writing with compelling images, audio or video clips to produce a digital narrative that moves, persuades, or informs its audience. Joe and his staff have been training faculty in digital storytelling for more than a decade, most often in workshops like this one that introduce the topic by having participants produce digital stories of their own.

Faculty will join us May 18-20, beginning at 9:00 am in the Adams Center classroom each day. Hands-on lab sessions will be included that introduce faculty to software and digital production tools.

Our hope is that the workshop will spark conversations about the value of digital storytelling in both Core curriculum or upper-level courses.

*Space is limited, so please RSVP to the Adams Center if you would like to join us ( ).

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