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Grace Lozano (’11) | Clinical Psychology

by   |  10.26.11  |  Psychology

Grace LozanoPsychology Major, Professional Career Track
First-year graduate student
McNair Research Intern
(San Antonio, Texas)

Have you ever wondered why some people are more sensitive to insults than others? Or if media can really affect the self-esteem of young girls?

Grace Lozano (’11) has gotten up close and personal with the human psyche as she sought the answers to these and other questions during her quest for a psychology degree from ACU. More »

Sarvagya Sharma (’11) | Physics

by   |  10.14.11  |  Mathematics, Physics

Computational physics and math major
(New Delhi, India)

In a lot of ways, Sarvagya Sharma is just like any other guy at ACU. He hangs out with friends, eats at the Bean, plays computer games in his spare time. He has to study for tests and go to class just like everyone else. But in one way, he’s different from many of the students who surround him. More »