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Julie Dieltz (’11) | Music

by   |  04.25.12  |  Music

Graduate student  of music
Southern Methodist University
Hometown: Sioux Falls, S.D.

Two factors brought Julie Dieltz (’11) to ACU: a love of musical performance and a desire to continue working with a music professor with whom she had developed a special bond.

After completing four years at the University of South Dakota, Julie made the move to Texas when her voice teacher at USD, Dr. Rick Piersall, made the same move, becoming an assistant professor of voice and director of opera at ACU. For Julie, this decision meant starting college over – a decision she is thankful she made. More »

Adam Awtrey (’10) | Biochemistry

by   |  04.20.12  |  Chemistry

Major: Biochemistry (Pre-Dental)
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

For some people, the word “dentist” means having teeth examined and cleanings done, an hour-long session of gentle prodding with shiny steel instruments. For others, it means the difference between a toothless, gaping smile and a healthy mouth. Adam Awtrey is prepared to work with both ends of the spectrum – and everybody in between. More »

Joseph Quigley (’13) | Computer Science

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Computer Science major
Joseph Quigley(Guatemala City, Guatemala)

Joseph Quigley already has a game in the iPhone App Store and an internship with a major software developer. And that’s as a sophomore in college.

Although much of the credit for his achievements is due to his passion for computer science, Joseph also applauds the training and assistance he received in ACU’s SITC program, particularly in the field of digital entertainment.

“ACU not only provided me with a device to test and develop on, through the mobile learning initiative, but I was able to apply what I had recently learned in my classes. This allowed me to create a better product,” he said. His first iPhone game, Open Fire Gold, is an arcade-like military shoot-’em-up.

More »

Ryan Flores (’15) | Biology , Pre-medical

by   |  04.04.12  |  Biology

Biology major, Pre-medical
from Spring, Texas

The first few years of Ryan Flores’ life were rough, but a kidney transplant and a childhood battle with cancer have not stopped him from living his life with a purpose – giving back.

Ryan was born with two damaged kidneys, one of which did not work at all. When he was 16 months old his father gave him one of his kidneys. The surgery was flawless, but anti-rejection medicines after the transplant lowered Ryan’s immune system so much that he developed Stage IV Lymphoma. Ryan defeated the cancer, and the result was a healthy body and a strong resolve.

“I definitely have a soft heart for people who are dealing with transplants or cancer, or know a loved one dealing with them,” Ryan says. “It is something so hard for your family to deal with, and just love and support make that much of a difference. My drive comes from my second chance at life and what I have been able to do being a transplant recipient and cancer survivor.” More »