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Chris Derrick (’10) | Sociology

by   |  02.24.12  |  Sociology

Intern, U.S. Marshals, Dallas
Grad student at University of North Texas
(Monahans, Texas)

Chris Derrick knows that crime is pervasive. He knows he can’t prevent every crime or rescue every victim. But as far as it lies within his power, he wants to help.

“I know there’s only so much I can do, but I’m very excited about the opportunity to make a difference,” he said.

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Amber Tate (’09) | Nursing

by   |  02.01.12  |  Nursing

Amber Tate ('09)

B.S. in Nursing
R.N. Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas

As someone who thrives on variety, Amber Tate has found a fitting career as a nurse in the ICU at Baylor University Medical Center.

“I could not do the same thing over and over,” Amber says. “I like the continuing challenge of adapting to new situations. I like the learning opportunities that each patient brings, and how I continue to grow as a nurse and person.” More »