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Keller Andrews (’11) | Physics

by   |  03.19.12  |  Physics

Physics major
(Corsicana, Texas)

Keller Andrews could say that he came to ACU because of a stroke of fate. Or a lucky fluke, or the hand of God. He prefers to see it simply as things working out the way they’re supposed to.

He only applied to two universities in high school: A&M and ACU. Somehow, ACU lost his application. Yet Keller chose to come to ACU. More »

Sarvagya Sharma (’11) | Physics

by   |  10.14.11  |  Mathematics, Physics

Computational physics and math major
(New Delhi, India)

In a lot of ways, Sarvagya Sharma is just like any other guy at ACU. He hangs out with friends, eats at the Bean, plays computer games in his spare time. He has to study for tests and go to class just like everyone else. But in one way, he’s different from many of the students who surround him. More »

Brandon Huxford (’07) | Engineering Physics

by   |  01.19.11  |  Engineering, Physics

Brandon Huxford (‘07)

B.S. in Engineering Physics
Engineer in Training, Transportation and Infrastructure, Freese and Nichols, Inc. (Dallas, Texas)

Brandon Huxford’s physics degree from ACU has him traveling new roads – literally and figuratively.

As an engineer with Freese and Nichols Inc., Brandon designs projects ranging from roadways and intersections to traffic signals and culverts throughout the Southwest.

Brandon is an EIT, or engineer in training, which requires passing an eight-hour comprehensive exam and becoming certified by the state of Texas.  After four years of design experience, he will be eligible to take the professional engineer licensing exam.

More »