Accessing Personal Files from Kindle

If you enjoy reading books using the Kindle device or the Kindle app on mobile devices, you will be happy to learn that you can convert any PDF or even Word file on your computer directly into a Kindle file using nothing but the good old email, so that you can read, highlight, annotate, as you could with a regular Kindle book.

You will need to authorize an email to send from and find the email to send to.   This can be done in the control panel of your Amazon account.  Sign in to your Amazon account,  navigate to “digital content” and click on “settings”, choose “manage your content and devices” under “digital management”, and then select “settings” again.

On this page, find your Kindle email.  You will notice that each device has its own unique Kindle email that has been automatically assigned.  You can edit this email to something you can remember.  For instance, I changed mine to   

The next thing you will need to do is to “authorize” an email from which to send your files.    You can authorize a number of emails if there is a need to:

After this, you can simply email your PDF files from your authorized email (in my case to your Kindle email (in my case .  Make sure you use the word “convert” as your subject.

After this email is sent, wait a few minutes and then check your Kindle app to find the document in your Kindle booklist.   If it is not showing up, consider syncing your Kindle.

Sometimes the format may not look very neat, depending on how you format your document originally.  In most cases, however, I find it working well for personal reading.  For more professional-looking eBooks, consider other applications such as iBook Author.

iPad Apps for Reading

Written by the Instructional Design Team

Hoopla (free):

This is an app that allows you to check out digital books and movies from the public library, if such titles are available in digital format.   Not every library  book or movie is available yet, but it is a nice to check out books once in a while right from your mobile devices.

Kindle (free app; books are purchased through Amazon):

You do not have to own a Kindle device to read digital books from Amazon.   You can download the Kindle app on your iPhone, iPad and computer to read your favorite books.  As long as you log in with the same Amazon account, you will be able to use multiple devices to read the same book.  You can also annotate and highlight along the way.

Audible (free app, but books are purchased through Amazon or

Audible has been purchased by Amazon,  so you will find that it is possible to sync your reading in a totally new fashion.  For books with both Kindle and Audible versions, you can pay a few extra dollars for an audible version and read the book when you use the Kindle, or listen to it when you use Audible.   You can listen from where you leave off in reading, or vice versa.

Gutenberg (free):

The Gutenberg app offers thousands of free books, including audio books.  Check out whether the books you or your students read happen to be there!