Join us Friday, Aug. 19, for Faculty Fusion 2022! Sessions will cover innovative teaching strategies and lunch will be served. Please RSVP to to save your spot. At 1:30 we’ll have a farewell reception for Berlin Fang. We look forward to thinking and learning with you!

9:00 Sessions 

Constructing student authority through classroom assignments
Amy Boone and Laura Carroll, Adams Center Classroom
In addition to content and skills, we strive for our students to be able to face complex challenges – to be deliberate and thoughtful, able to ask the right questions, and not afraid to fail. One way to help students tackle “wicked problems” is to help them construct their own authority. Building on the work of Paul Hanstedt, this session shares some ways to enhance students’ content knowledge and skills by adding a sense of their “capacity to engage meaningful questions in productive ways.”

Getting the most out of Adobe Creative Cloud
Amos Gutierrez, The Woods
Adobe Creative Cloud is a powerful suite of creative tools that is accessible to all ACU faculty, staff, and students. Join us as we take a look at what is included in your Adobe subscription, an overview of the types of creative projects you can create, and how these tools might impact your courses or personal creative growth.

10:00 Sessions 

Is academic integrity (cheating!) the same at all universities? Or is there a difference at ACU?
David Kneip, Ryan Richardson, Kristen Richardson, Adams Center Classroom
This session seeks to better understand the notion of academic integrity in our Christian setting by viewing the topic through three distinct lenses:  How might theology contribute to our understanding of academic integrity? How can a deeper understanding of student development and mental health inform how we teach about and respond to issues of academic integrity?
Lastly, how might our institutional conduct policies work in tandem with faculty to shepherd students toward well-being and wholeness?

Tools to spice up your presentation
Marisa Beard and Stephen Rektenwald, The Woods
Digital transformation has promoted the use of technology in the classroom and has raised student expectations of the classroom and recorded lectures. Lectures have their limitations; however, they remain an efficient form of imparting information. Through theoretical and research-based approaches to slide design and recording techniques, this session guides course designers in making lecture presentations engaging, easy to follow, and memorable.

What did you read on your summer vacation?
Laura Carroll, Bamboo Room
Find out what we’ll be reading in our reading groups this fall and share what’s been on your reading list this summer, from heady academic reads to pulpy beach fiction.

11:00 Sessions

Badges? Badges? We don’t need no digital badges!
Cliff Barbarick, Adams Center Classroom
Proponents of gamification have long noted that incorporating elements of games into our classes increases student engagement and motivation, but often those elements are delivered electronically through an LMS. In this session, we’ll brainstorm ways to use campus resources, such as the Maker Lab, to create “analog badges” that transform once tedious learning tasks into community-building class experiences that motivate learning. 

Teaching (and Learning) with Media Projects
Kyle Dickson and Allie Jones, Bamboo Room
Students now learn new skills through video everyday on YouTube. And faculty now connect with students and colleagues regularly through video platforms like Zoom. But how can students and faculty take the next step to communicate through media messages that share what they know and care about? Hear from Learning Studio staff to discuss teaching and learning through media. We’ll finish with a quick tour of updated tools and spaces upstairs in the library. 

Additional Opportunites

Whether you’re updating your social media or want a professional pic for Canvas, the Learning Studio would like to help you put your best face forward with a new headshot! We’ll be in the Collaboration Café all morning. 

VR on the go
ACU’s Innovation Foundry brings you the opportunity to try out the newest generation of Virtual Reality headsets for yourself. Come library entrance to experience how the VR world can be at your fingertips and in your classroom this fall.

Canvas 101, 1:00 on Zoom
Canvas @ ACU is built to assist world-class teaching and make it easier to communicate important topics in your class. Join us on zoom for some of the important changes in the past year and how you can take advantage of these new features.

Farewell Reception for Berlin Fang, 1:30, Adams Center Classroom
Berlin has been a vital part of the Adams Center and our campus! Swing by to wish him well in his move to Dallas.