In a conversation with Nuria Hall, Director for Academic Advising and Career Development, she shared some insights with the Adams Center into the work of ACU’s advising team and how faculty can best partner with advisors. Advisors seek to work with professors as they all guide students through their college journey. Nuria said, “We do not want to put up barriers for students OR lower standards.” In walking this fine line, Nuria asks that faculty engage with advisors in every way. Professors can alert the advisor about a student they are concerned about or choose to partner with the advisor in coming alongside a student to guide and mentor.

ACU currently has 13 advisors (plus the director). Their role does, of course, include building schedules, but this work is only about 20% of their time spent with students. As academic advising has merged with career development, the student experience has grown and broadened. Students have the opportunity to utilize the online tool, PathwayU. This assessment helps students think beyond their time in college about what the future might look like. Nuria reported that about 90% of the time, this tool helps direct next steps for students.

Thanks to the advisors and the work they do with students on a daily basis!