University Access Programs Interim Director, Naoemi Sanchez, shared information about student accommodations at an Adams Center session. She outlined common questions and concerns. The following bulleted lists include many of those common questions. Naoemi welcomes faculty conversation and partnership. She and her team are eager to assist and support you and your students. For more information, contact Naoemi at

What is alpha?

  • Disability support
  • Academic accommodations (removing barriers) 
  • Teach students advocacy
  • Connect to available resources
  • Work alongside faculty
  • Provide training for student facing faculty and staff (high school is more focused on success while the university is highly focused on access)

Regulated by ADA 

  • Cannot discriminate against someone’s civil rights
  • Higher education provides equal access to the same rights and opportunities of all students


  • Students are referred
  • Student completes online application 
  • Student provides documentation
  • Student schedules meeting
  • Accommodations are determined
  • Student shares documentation with faculty every semester

Testing in Alpha

  • Students schedule online
  • Schedule same time as class unless extended time overlaps with next class
  • 5 days in advance
  • Tests requested 2-3 days before test
  • Staff or faculty signature required upon delivery/pickup
  • Camera or proctor monitoring
  • General recordings on file for one month
  • Contact Karlyrose Kaaihue

Helpful guidelines for student who discloses disability?

  • Listen
  • “Thanks for sharing that with me.”
  • “We have a program here at ACU called Alpha Scholars that provides academic accommodations and support to students who are facing challenges similar to what you have described. Is this something you’re interested in?”
  • Remember that disclosing something of this nature is vulnerable.

Helpful guidelines for receiving an accommodation letter

  • Acknowledge you received it
  • Request a meeting if more information is needed
  • Reach out to Alpha for clarification
  • Maintain confidentiality