The Adams Center for Teaching Excellence at ACU in conjunction with the Innovation Foundry recently held three exciting sessions to address the use of Canvas, the university’s learning management system. These sessions covered a variety of topics, from the fundamentals of Canvas to the top apps, tools, and plugins available, as well as a preview of the latest features and updates in “Coming Attractions in Canvas”.

The first session, “Fundamentals of Canvas“, was an excellent introduction to the platform. Attendees learned about the basic features of Canvas and how to create and manage courses. The session also covered strategies for creating course content and how to communicate effectively with students using Canvas tools like the Announcements feature and the Inbox. Participants left the session understanding the importance of using Canvas for a consistent method of course delivery with students. 

The second session, “Top Apps, Tools, and Plugins for Canvas“, was a deep dive into the different ways that instructors can enhance their courses with third-party tools and plugins. The session showcased several apps and plugins that can be integrated with Canvas to create interactive and engaging learning experiences for students. Attendees learned about recent feature updates to Canvas and how to implement them into their courses.

The final session, “Coming Attractions in Canvas“, gave attendees a sneak peek into the exciting new features and updates that are on the horizon for the platform. In addition to the new features, attendees also learned how to provide feedback to the Canvas team to help guide the development of desired features.

Overall, these sessions were a fantastic opportunity for the faculty at ACU to learn more about Canvas and how to use it to create engaging and effective courses. With the knowledge and skills gained from these sessions, instructors can better support student learning and success. A special thanks to Dr. Stephen Rektenwald for his leadership and role as ACU’s Canvas Administrator.