The Adams Center, Intercultural Effectiveness Team, and Office of Multicultural Enrichment would like to invite you to hear from an expert campus ecologist as he shares his assessment of the ACU campus environment and what it communicates to various groups represented within our community. Dr. James Banning will be presenting at an Adams Center lunch session in partnership with Dr. Doug Foster’s CHARIS lectures on Thursday, November 15th.

Dr. Banning is a professor in the School of Education at Colorado State University. He teaches qualitative research, campus ecology, and environmental psychology. Dr. Banning is a pioneer and national expert in the field of study known as campus ecology. Campus ecology is the study of the interrelationships between people and the college and university environment. Dr. Banning’s work focuses on what the physical features of this environment (buildings, signs, symbols) communicate to the inhabitants of the environment. Dr. Banning has authored books, book chapters, and numerous journal articles on the environment and its impact on behavior. His most recent book Education by Design: Creating Campus Environments that Work, focuses on college and university environments.