Getting Publisher Content into CourseSites

Textbook publishers are moving vigorously into developing resources for faculty members. Some offer resources such as PowerPoint files, animations, videos and tests that you can use in the course. Coursesites offers a number of ways for you to utilize such content:

1.  You can “pair” certain publisher courses with your CourseSites.  McGraw-Hill, for instance, allows you to pair their content with your CourseSites course so that it is possible to manage grades and assignments within CourseSites. Check this video for instructions on how to do that. You may want to check this site for a complete list of videos about pairing content from some other publishers.

2. Some publishers provide “course cartridges” that you can use. These cartridges are pre-configured courses, complete with content and assessments that you can use in class. You can use such cartridges as a start, and customize them based on your actual need.   You will need a course cartridge number to import such content.  The sales rep of your publisher should have access if such cartridges are available.

Please note, however, in either of the two cases above, the content you customized is not easily transferable between semesters within CourseSites. If you want to develop an online course yourself to be reused, these may not be good paths to follow.

3.  Sometimes textbook publishers may have tests you can download into “Blackboard” format, which you can then import into CourseSites to use or customize.


We hope you can keep this in mind as you build your course content. This may save you time as you get your content ready for the course you teach.

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