New Faculty Mentors

ACUs Faculty Mentoring Program has performed an important role in the ACU community since 1998-1999. The goals of the mentoring program for new faculty are:

· to build social networks to deal with first-year responsibilities,
· to understand the ACU culture,
· to become more effective in their teaching responsibilities, and
· to smoothly navigate through academic responsibilities of the institution for the new faculty.

Mentors connect the new faculty to ACU through a variety of ways as they instill the value of our heritage to a generation of new faculty. They attend chapel together; eat lunch in the World Famous Bean, lunches or dinners off campus; workout in Money Center or at Noon Basketball Association; attend ball games, museum exhibits, zoo, West Texas Fair and Rodeo, Sing Song, theatrical events; and a wide variety of activities. The New Faculty Mentoring Program hosts events each month in the Adams Center to provide new faculty with information about various services and programs across campus and opportunities to meet and get to know colleagues from departments and areas across campus.