Teaching and Learning Series

The Art of Teaching

The Art of Teaching Series provides opportunities for faculty members to explore empirically based teaching techniques in an encouraging environment. Practical, hands-on strategies and a community of support offer faculty members the chance to get small group and one-on-one consultation and feedback as they put new teaching strategies into practice. This series is led by Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker.


The Science of Learning

The Science of Learning series explores current research in the fields of learning, creativity, motivation, and measurement of learning relevant to teaching and course design. This series is led by Dr. Robert McKelvain.


Teaching with Technology

The Teaching With Technology series provides faculty members with the opportunity to share tips and ideas for using technology in teaching and provide hands-on practice with a variety of tools. Sessions are offered at all levels of expertise, targeting everyone from beginners to advanced users of technology both in and outside of the classroom.


CHARIS Conversations

The CHARIS (Center for Heritage and Renewal in Spiritualty) series focuses on the stories of people and ideas that shaped and continue to shape the identity of Churches of Christ, the Stone-Campbell Movement, and ACU. Faculty have the opportunity to engage in lively conversation with presenters and each other concerning possible implications of our heritage for the practice of Christian education at ACU. This series is led by Dr. Doug Foster.