ACU uses Canvas as the campus-wide learning management system, a cloud-based learning management system that ACU has used since Spring 2015. Here are some tutorials and instructions you might want to check.

Quicklinks to Canvas:  

You will need to use your regular ACU username and password to access Canvas.  If you have difficulty, contact the Team55.

Take a video course:

  • You can learn to use Canvas by watching Linkedin Learning videos on Canvas.  You could skip the parts about course creation, cross-listing, and student enrollments as we handle them differently as the course shows. Instead, see the tutorials below. Schedule an orientation with Berlin Fang if you prefer to have a quick overview. Check this page for instructions if you have issues logging into Linkedin Learn. If you continue to have issues, send a ticket to Team 55 (

Get started

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Get Help

To get help with Canvas, click on “help” on the Canvas menu, you will then see a list of options for you to get help.  When you contact anyone for help, unless you are on the phone, always include URL of the page you have a problem with.  For instance:

If you are on the phone, let the person on the phone know the identifying number of the course, in the example above, the identifying number would be: “1825476”. You can find it by going to “modules” of your course and then see the number in the address bar.

If you experience issues with a particular feature or function, you can also check Canvas Status for updates.

Getting instructional design support in using Canvas:

Canvas help is best for answering specific product-related questions (“How do I upload an assignment?” “Speedgrader keeps logging me out.  What can I do?”).  For instructional design questions (“Should I use quiz or assignment for this activity?””I am suspecting a student cheating in this exam, can I find out?””Does Canvas have a way for me to …”),  contact Berlin Fang or Amy Boone.