ACU uses Canvas as the campus-wide learning management system, a cloud-based learning management system that ACU has used since Spring 2015. Here are some tutorials and instructions you might want to check.

Quicklink to Canvas:  

You will need to use your regular ACU username and password to access Canvas.  If you have difficulty, contact the HelpDesk.

Take a video course:

  • You can learn to use Canvas by watching video on Canvas.  Check this page for instructions if you have issues logging into
  • An Orientation to Canvas for Faculty: This is a self-paced course you can view. Contact Berlin Fang if you need to be enrolled in the course to participate in the activities, or if you want to be unenrolled from the course.

Canvas tutorials

Requesting your Canvas course

Cross-listing your Canvas courses

Copying Canvas course from another course shell

Sharing course content between colleagues

Adding teaching assistants to your courses

Using Blueprint courses to manage changes for multiple sections

Changing start/end dates for Canvas courses

Integrating Turnitin (for plagiarism detection) in Canvas

Choosing Canvas content types

Things to consider before an online test

Checking if students viewed your feedback

Adding an orientation module in your online course

Adding library materials directly in Canvas

Grading anything in Canvas

Giving students extra time/attempt for Canvas quizzes

Using ARC videos

Creating ePortfolios in Canvas

Canvas Hacks for the Happy Grader

Checkin Canvas status

Getting technical support in using Canvas:
You and your students can contact Canvas for 24/7 support for technical help and troubleshooting.   To get such help, log in to Canvas, click on “help” on the Canvas menu, you will then see a list of options for you to get help by phone or live chat.  When using live chat, get the URL of the page you have a problem with so that you do not lose time describing where issues occur.  If you experience issues with a particular feature or function, you can also check Canvas Status for updates.

Getting instructional design support in using Canvas: Canvas help is best for answering specific product-related questions (“How do I upload an assignment?” “Speedgrader keeps logging me out.  What can I do?”).  For instructional design questions (“Should I use quiz or assignment for this activity?””I am suspecting a student cheating in this exam, can I find out?””Does Canvas have a way for me to …”),  contact Berlin Fang or Amy Boone.

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