In order to use the Zoom LTI in Canvas, you will need to sign up with your ACU email. Otherwise, when you try to launch it from Canvas you will get an error message when trying to use Zoom LTI in Canvas, saying your instructor ID is invalid.  To resolve the issue, simply sign up for an account associated with ACU.

To sign up for an ACU account, first go to

Then click on “sign up, it’s free.”

Sign up it's free from Zoom


Next, you will see this screen.  Make sure you choose “sign in with Google.”

Screen that shows how to sign up to Zoom using ACU Gmail


Select your ACU email:

After the selection, depending on whether you are signed in to MyACU at the time of signing up to Zoom, you will either be prompted to log in to ACU’s single sign on, or be re-directed to your Zoom page. You should then be able to schedule meetings right here, or go to Canvas to relaunch your Zoom.