Making with Adobe Illustrator

This week we’re partnering with the Maker Lab on #MakeMerry. Many of the projects wrapping up the semester in the library start with tools like Adobe Illustrator CC.

Whether you’re designing a logo or poster in the Learning Studio or cutting the outline for a piece of furniture on a laser cutter or CNC router in the Maker Lab, Illustrator is a great place to start.

Never used Illustrator? You can download it to your computer and check it out over Christmas break.

Need some inspiration? Here are just a few of the things new users can do with it.

Quick look at Illustrator CC

Download Adobe CC software

Adobe CC Inspiration

Steampunk Lamp prototype, Korbin Ancell (junior, Computer Science)

Korbin works in the Maker Lab and decided to start a project inspired by an article he read in Make Magazine. “The idea for this lamp is that when you flip on the switch, it will stand up and the light will flicker on.” Korbin designed the 2-D outline in Illustrator and then cut his prototype on the laser cutter to test the fit. He plans to build the finished version with nicer wood after seeing how the pieces work together.

Stephen Curry Infographic, Immanuel Lundy (senior, Graphic Design)

“I try to make the information visually appealing and compelling enough for people to stop and read it and be interested in it.” Immanuel explains. He used the Adobe software to create an infographic for a design class detailing basketball player Stephen Curry’s back-to-back MVP seasons. His goal was to make information visually appealing for people that might not otherwise take a look, and Illustrator lets him blend careful control over type with his original illustrations to make an impact.

Snacks and Software Today!


Swing by the Learning Studio today for your chance to #MakeMerry. We’ll be helping students download Adobe Creative Cloud for a little holiday making over the break.

We’ll also have holiday snacks at the main desk (while supplies last), so you can kick off Finals Week by making yourself a treat. No experience necessary! It’s Pop-Tarts so the process is almost as easy as the One Button Studio.

With Adobe CC and the Learning Studio, making over the holiday has never been easier.


Make It with Adobe Creative Cloud

We’re half-way through our first year of Adobe CC access for all students and faculty and will be sharing some example projects this week. Don’t know where to start? Adobe provides a range of tools for beginners and professionals.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Illustrator CC – a vector-based drawing program for designing everything from logos to tshirts.  What can you do with Illustrator?

Photoshop CC – a pixel-based photo editing program for creating and designing images for print, web, and media. What can you do with Photoshop?

Premiere Pro CC – a video editing program that can produce anything from short digital stories to feature films. What can you do with Premiere Pro?

Lightroom CC – a photo editing program for organizing and editing your photo library. What can you do with Lightroom CC?

We’ll share a few of our favorite projects with each this week, so follow us on Twitter (@learningstudio) and Facebook (/aculearningstudio) to add some inspiration to your holiday.

#MakeMerry this holiday

The Learning Studio and Maker Lab want to help you #MakeMerry this holiday season. This Christmas we want to help you use the break to make something with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Never used Photoshop or Illustrator? No problem! All day Dead Day we’ll help students download Adobe’s pro-level design and media tools to put a little making into your holiday (download at

Join us next week to #MakeMerry, beginning with holiday snacks and downloads on Dead Day.

Make It with Adobe Creative Cloud

Our holiday promotion is focusing on Adobe CC because we’re half-way through our first year of CC access for all students and faculty. This year we’ve seen some great projects and we want to share just a few of them with you this next week.

Adobe Creative Cloud lets you build on a platform used by professionals in design, media, web production and storytelling, and students all over campus are producing some remarkable work with Adobe CC.

Follow us on @learningstudio (on Twitter or Facebook) and @acumakerlab (on Facebook) or share your latest work with #MakeMerry.

Branding Photography Workshop

This fall we brought back Asia Eidson to lead a hands-on workshop introducing ACU students to photography for social media branding.

In the all-day workshop, she introduced the visual decisions professional photographers make when taking pictures that affect the way viewers feel/think/experience a product. Technical choices of specific lighting, props, and depth of field can affect the way others feel about a brand.

Asia worked with local businesses to provide students real-world projects to tackle: “I think the strongest part of the workshop was that the images these student photographers designed, shot, and edited went straight into the hands of small businesses to use.”

If you’d like to hear about future student workshops, email us at to get on our mailing list.

Web Portfolio

Image Credits: Karina Hernandez, Meagan McBride

Outdoor Drawing in Albany

This fall we took faculty to Albany for our first Outdoor Drawing workshop as part of the 20/20 Teaching Innovation program. Dan McGregor, Art & Design, introduced the basics of contour drawing, one and two-point perspective through a series of drawing challenges faculty completed in pencil and ink. Participants were challenged to look closely and draw what they see rather than the stereotypes that are in our head. As Dan said, “Drawing is an act of love, seeing the subject as they are not as you want them to be.”

ACU 20/20: Envisioning the Future of Education is a 5-year program of Teaching Innovation Grants that “builds on the skills and insight of our excellent faculty, strategically exploring new models of teaching . . . in order to impact student learning across campus.”

The Learning Studio will continue to partner with the Adams Center for Teaching and Learning to support individual grant recipients and to offer additional faculty development workshops that spark new approaches to familiar classroom challenges. Thank you, Dan McGregor, for your patience, energy and expertise.

If you missed out this semester, email us at to get on the waitlist for future workshops.