Introduction to SIPX

Guest post by Mark McCallon
ACU is trying out a new tool for course Readings called SIPX in Canvas.  Through this helpful tool, faculty can find readings that they want to use, whether the library owns the book or has access to the journal or not.  Using SIPX’s copyright compliance tools, you can  instantly see what the total cost of your reading list will be to the students and students who cannot afford the entire coursepack can purchase individual readings through SIPX’s payment processing.  The next time you are teaching the course your readings and content are already available and you can renew your course in a few minutes.  Through SIPX’s robust analytics tools you can view information on student engagement and also rate assigned readings.  The Library can receive reports on what you assign in your courses and help us to invest library dollars in targeted areas that will help save students more money.
For more information about SIPX, you can visit this site  .  Also, see the video below for an example of how SIPX can work here at ACU.

For more information or if you have additional questions, please contact Mark McCallon in the Library at

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