In the event of a campus closure, how do you keep teaching? The Adams Center is offering a series of sessions to help faculty quickly move face-to-face classes online. We’ll discuss what kind of issues you need to consider for your course content and your students as well as strategies and tools for teaching effectively online.

Connecting with Students in Times of Crisis

Monday lunch (11:30-12:50)

Monday afternoon (2:00-3:00)

How can faculty connect with our students and keep our students connected to each other in times of crisis? In this session, we’ll talk about how faculty can respond to students with care and discuss tools for synchronous class interactions. While these interactions won’t recreate the face-to-face classroom experience, they can make us feel more like a community.

Basics of Online Teaching

Monday afternoon (3:00-4:00)

Tuesday afternoon (2:00-3:00)

This session will cover basic strategies for moving your course online. We’ll talk about what factors you need to consider when creating an online course, how to connect with students, and how to set up a course in Canvas.

More Remote Teaching Tools

Tuesday lunch (11:30-12:50) 

Tuesday afternoon (3:00-4:00) 

This session will go deeper into what Canvas and other technology options on campus can offer. We will demonstrate how to use discussions well, set up peer workshops, and give suggestions for how to transform classroom assignments and projects into an online format.

Using Videos to Teach

Wednesday lunch (11:30-12:50)

Wednesday afternoon (2:00-3:00) 

This session will discuss ways to use both Zoom and Studio in your course. You can use video to deliver lectures, give feedback to students, create announcements, and hold office hours. Videos can be an excellent way to connect with your students remotely.

When Your Course Doesn’t Translate Online

Thursday lunch (11:30-12:50)

Thursday afternoon (3:00-4:00) 

This session will be a conversation about how to address classes that aren’t traditional lecture classes — labs, studio classes, and clinicals — where there aren’t clear models for moving classes online. Adams Center staff will share what we have learned from other universities and we’ll lead a conversation for faculty to brainstorm options. 

Administering Exams

Friday lunch (11:30-12:50) 

Friday afternoon (2:00-3:00) 

This session will discuss the tools available for delivering exams online as well as strategies for assessment.