The Idea of the University Reading List

The Idea of the University is a Faculty Learning Community taking place in the Adams Center over the course of the Fall 2015 semester. Purposeful teaching and research at ACU is dependent upon sustained and serious reflection upon the idea of the Christian University within our context. Along these lines, the group will explore the theological and philosophical rationale for the idea of ACU. The four sessions will be open to all faculty and administrators. The readings will be a springboard for discussion and will include theological and philosophical accounts of the idea of a university and of the relevant conceptual issues (e.g., the aims of education).

Please refer to the following for the assigned readings for each session:

Session 1: September 24

  • R.S. Peters, Education as Initiation (London: The University of London Institute of Education, 1964), pp. 7-48.
  • Basil Mitchell, “Religious Education,” in Faith and Criticism (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1994), 131-150.

Session 2: October 19

Session 3: October 26

Session 4: November 9

  • Nicholas Wolterstorff, Educating for Shalom: Essays on Higher Christian Education (Eerdmans, 2004), pp. 155-171

Race and ACU Discussion Group Series

The Adams Center and Charis (the Center for Heritage and Renewal in Spirituality) will be conducting a reading/discussion lunch group this semester focused on issues of “Race and ACU.”

Some of you were involved in the reading group last semester that examined two books that looked historically and theologically at how we have handled issues of race in Churches of Christ. At the end of that experience, everyone said the conversation about these matters needed to continue, but in a way that could lead to some positive and specific ways of tackling the complex layers of how race functions in our lives as Christians.

Carson Reed and Doug Foster will lead the discussion and supply all participants with key documents before each meeting. These range from speeches and reports from two “Race relations Workshops” in 1968, Optimist articles from the 1970s about events on ACU’s campus, to recent drafts of the “Diversity” section of the Strategic Plan and a document with a proposal for ACU faculty hiring practices. These documents will set the context and help us make proposals for how we might help ACU deal in a constructive and godly way with issues of deep-seated psychological separation of the races–what some call racialization–of church, school and society.

If you would commit to being part of this lunch conversation, please reply and let Lyndi Jo ( ) know asap. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Carson or Doug. The dates for the meetings are:

Race and ACU Charis/Adams Center Reading Group
January 29
February 26
March 26
April 23

Knowing Christ Today

This fall, Randy Harris will lead a Faculty Reading Group at the Adams Center, with Dallas Willard’s Knowing Christ Today as the subject. Willard will be speaking on campus during ACU’s annual Summit as one of the featured guests. Our world does not often consider the belief in Christ and Christianity a valuable form of knowledge, but Willard explains why Christians must be knowledgeable in their “field” in order to be taken seriously. Come by the front desk in the Adams Center to sign up for the reading group and to reserve your copy of the book.

The Gospel According to Twilight

As one of our Faculty Reading Groups for the fall semester, Dr. Mikee Delony will be leading the discussion on Elaine Heath’s book The Gospel According to Twilight: Women, Sex, and God. Heath is one of our featured guests at this year’s Summit and will be speaking on campus during that time. In her book, Heath calls attention to the good theological aspects of Stephanie Meyer’s mega-popular Twilight series, but she also includes discussions on its negative gender stereotypes and instances of violence against women. Join Dr. Delony as she uses Heath’s book as a guide for approaching Twilight with a critical Christian discernment. Stop by the front desk at the Adams Center today to sign up for the reading group and reserve your copy of the book.