Teaching Consultation Services

The Adams Center provides individual and group consulting services for faculty focused on teaching and learning.  Appointments are available for one-on-one meetings, small-group sessions, and customized workshops for departments and colleges.

Contact Berlin Fang at bxf13b@acu.edu or Jennifer Shewmaker at jennifer.shewmaker@acu.edu to discuss your specific needs:

Teaching Consultation and Observation

  • “Flipping” your classroom
  • Increasing student engagement
  • Teaching for motivation and critical thinking
  • Applying practical tips for grading efficiently, managing the balance between teaching, research, and service
  • Observation of teaching in the classroom.After the observation, the Adams Center observer will meet with the instructor to discuss the class and ways of achieving the instructor’s teaching goals. Observed class sessions can also be recorded, if the instructor wishes to review his or her own class. The Learning Research Lab classroom is available for recording teaching sessions for classes of 20 or fewer students.All consultations and observations are confidential.

Course Design

  • Developing or redesigning syllabi
  • Review and feedback regarding course materials such as texts, presentations, handouts, project explanations, grading rubrics, etc.


  • Identifying course learning outcomes
  • Establishing student performance benchmarks
  • Designing assessments that align with your learning outcomes/benchmarks
  • Analyzing and interpreting assessment results to inform instructional design


  • Effectively using technology to enhance instruction: Canvas, blogs, wikis, digital audio/video, screencasts, etc.
  • Creating engaging online learning environments