Imagine the following scenario: you settle into your favorite recliner at 9:00 pm on Tuesday night to check your email and find a message notifying you that you have come in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. You need to quarantine immediately for the next ten days. Do you have at home with you what you need to teach class on Wednesday? Do you have what you need to prepare your classes for the next ten days?

As part of the “new normal” for teaching in a pandemic, faculty might consider packing a “quarantine go-bag” with the essential tools needed to teach their classes remotely. You might take this go-bag home every evening, or you might leave it in your office so that a colleague can easily grab it and drop it off on your porch. (It’s possible that you would be allowed to visit campus after hours to grab the bag for yourself, but it might be wise to prepare in case that isn’t an option.)

What kinds of things would you keep in your quarantine go-bag? The following list covers the basics, though each teacher will need items specific to their discipline and classes.

  • Your laptop and any other devices you use for teaching (such as an iPad)
  • Any books that you need to read or consult regularly to teach and prepare your classes
  • Any files with needed documents that you cannot access online
  • Equipment that you use for Zoom meetings or recording lectures (camera, mic, tripod, etc.)

While this whole scenario would certainly be an inconvenience, we want to be mindful of the best ways to keep our campus safe. If you are notified that you need to quarantine, having a “quarantine go-bag” at the ready will ease your stress and help you transition smoothly to temporary remote teaching.