How to write good multiple choice questions

Dr. Robert McKelvainHow do you write multiple choice questions that are valid and just? What kind of “testwise” clues do you want to avoid? What are the pros and cons for using textbook questions? To address these and other questions, listen to the following podcast by Dr. Robert McKelvain, Professor of Psychology at Abilene Christian University.


The Idea of the University: Session 1 Video

This semester, Dr. Fred Aquino is leading a discussion on The Idea of the University.  Purposeful teaching and research at ACU is dependent upon sustained and serious reflection upon the idea of the Christian University within our context. Along these lines, the group will explore the theological and philosophical rationale for the idea of ACU. Readings for the faculty learning community can be found here.

Missed the first session? Catch up on the conversation:

The Impact of Mobile Technology on Student Attitudes, Engagement, and Learning

In this presentation, Houston Heflin shares the results of a study examining student engagement and higher order thinking skills in a cooperative learning environment both with and without mobile devices. The study was conducted with 170 university students in three different randomly assigned learning groups. Results compare the groups in four areas of attitudes, performance, perceptions, and engagement.

My Best Lecture: Steven Moore

As part of the My Best Lecture Series, Steven Moore leads colleagues in a discussion exploring the mighty power of words to realize their ability to unveil the ugliness of humanity as well as shine a light on the beauty that is around us and within us in a lecture entitled “Pie, Poetry & Prose: Teaching to Engage and to Inspire Social Activism.”

My Best Lecture: Paul Morris

Whether we have free will and what exactly free will requires of us have long been problematic and unresolved issues. To most people moral responsibility seems to rest on our having some form of free will. The lecture will critically survey the contemporary status of the problem and explore why these are extremely important questions.

In Case You Missed It – CHARIS Conversations

If you missed the CHARIS Conversations on March 3rd & April 10th, don’t worry! You can watch the full podcasts of both sessions here.

March 3rd: Pedagogy in the Stone-Campbell Movement: Implications of Religious Heritage for University Teaching Practices
John Mark Hicks

April 10th: Evidences of Renewal in Churches of Christ and the Stone-Campbell Movement
Doug Foster