The Callie Faye Milliken Special Collections/Abilene Christian University Archives of the Margaret and Herman Brown Library include those materials that, because of subject coverage, rarity, source, condition, or form, are best handled separately from the Main Collection.

The shelves are not open for browsing; the closed-stacked facility has over 6,000 catalogued titles in 12 different collections, over 1,600 linear feet of manuscripts and archives, over 7,000 photographic images, over 13,000 audio and video recordings, and a great number of uncataloged materials and ephemera. Materials are retrieved by the staff for use in the Reading Room.

Access to the materials is provided by ALCON , the online bibliographical catalog; a variety of finding registers; manuscript holdings index online; and a knowledgeable staff.

Scanning service is available when it will NOT harm the materials and is permitted by federal copyright law. Users of the materials should contact our staff upon entering Special Collections Reading Room.

Because of the difficult task of encouraging use of the materials while protecting them for future users, these limitations must be employed.

Location: Located on the lower level of the Brown Library. If you come down the main staircase, we are directly to the left – behind the glass walls.

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