Finding Aid Roundup: 2021 Year in Review

2021 saw growth across the board in ACU Special Collections and Archives, and new archival accessions and finding aids for these materials were no exception. We added 71 accessions to the collection and added or updated 125 PDF finding aids to our DigitalCommons@ACU repository. Many of these finding aids were featured in our regular blogpost series, Finding Aid Round Up.  These new accessions contain material of almost every type and kind: from sermon manuscripts and teaching notes to correspondence, from photographs to magnetic audio reels, and from church records to university records.

71 accessions into University Archives and Center for Restoration Studies

These accessions include new acquisitions, accruals to existing collections, and maintaining records for existing record groups. The total materials accessioned this year totaled over 600 linear feet. 

Center for Restoration Studies new finding aids, 252 linear feet

  1. Charles H. Marler Papers, 1825-2013, CRS MS#123
  2. Howard Samuel and Mary Alice Hartsfield Swann Papers, 1950-2010, CRS MS#492
  3. Fowler Family Papers, 1943-1992, CRS MS#495
  4. Central Church of Christ (Birmingham, AL) Records, 1961-1969, CRS MS#508
  5. Alice Sorrells Bush Papers, 1976-2013, CRS MS#509
  6. J. Hermon Taylor Papers, circa 1915-1930, CRS MS#512
  7. Flaleah Byrd Cotter Papers, 1953-2002, CRS MS#513
  8. Everett Oscar Coffman Papers, 1928-1934, CRS MS#514
  9. William Wesley Grasham Papers, 1955-2016, CRS MS#515
  10. Harold Thomas and Nellie Jeannette Scruggs Lipford Papers, 1932-2010, CRS MS#517
  11. Westover Hills Church of Christ (Austin, TX) Records, 1970s-2000s, CRS MS#518
  12. David Henry Bobo Papers, 1960s, CRS MS#519
  13. Marion Frances Bush Papers, 1948-2019, CRS MS#522
  14. Family Encampment at Red River Records, 1974-2015, CRS MS#523
  15. Week of Compassion Records, 1996-2000, CRS MS#524
  16. Herbert Ray Patterson Papers, circa 1900-1950, CRS MS#526
  17. Paul Layton Watson Papers, 1960-2021, CRS MS#528
  18. Onis “Dick” Floy and Catherine LaRue Gibson Case Papers, 1945-2019, CRS MS#529
  19. West End Church of Christ (Nashville, TN) Records, 1929-2019, CRS MS#530
  20. Luther Doniphan Burrus Papers, 1945-1975, CRS MS#531
  21. Harold Kent Straughn Papers, 1945-2021, CRS MS#533
  22. Brady Kal Cox, 2015-2019, CRS MS#535
  23. Eileen Rose Emch Papers, 1952-2021, CRS MS#536
  24. Clarence Elbert King and Nancy Cloe Barnett King Cash Papers, 1952-2021, CRS MS#537
  25. William Edward McDaniel Papers, 1940-1955, CRS MS#539
  26. Tom Tune Papers, 1960s-1970s, CRS MS#542
  27. George Wilmeth Ewing Papers, 1977, CRS MS#543
  28. Joe Carl Nix Papers, 1955-2014, CRS MS#544

Center for Restoration Studies revised finding aids, 541.5 linear feet

  1. George Dallas Smith Papers, 1895-1921, CRS MS#28
  2. Wilson Clark Orr Papers, 1971-2003, CRS MS#32
  3. Paul C. Witt Papers, 1908-1970, CRS MS#34
  4. Theodore Orosco Norton Papers, 1937-1982, CRS MS#35
  5. Dwayne Dale VanRheenen Papers, 1962-2015, CRS MS#36
  6. Myrta Blanche Garrett Perry Papers, 1895-1990, CRS MS#42
  7. Homer Hailey Papers, 1892-1998, CRS MS#43
  8. Cecil Niel Wright Papers, 1930-1937, CRS MS#51
  9. Frank Lucius Cox Papers, 1937-1938, CRS MS#52
  10. Henry Earl Smith Papers, 1922-1967, CRS MS#54
  11. Lloyd A. Boyll Papers, 1942-2017, CRS MS#59
  12. Jim Bevis Papers, 1966-2004, CRS MS#63
  13. William Frasier “Bill” Nash Papers, 1983-2003, CRS MS#100
  14. Charles H. Marler Papers, 1825-2013, CRS MS#123
  15. Robert Carl Spain Papers, 1920s-1990, CRS MS#306
  16. Sabinal Christian College (Sabinal, TX) Records, 1905-1922, CRS MS#358
  17. Edith Winifred Burgess Emett Papers, 1933-1934, CRS MS#395
  18. Bobby Joe Morrow Collection, 1956-1984, CRS MS#396
  19. Nelson Coates Collection, CRS MS#397
  20. Abigail Curlee Holbrook Papers, 1924-1999, CRS MS#398
  21. Ibaraki Christian College (Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan) Records, 1953-2016, CRS MS#400
  22. Louie Welch Papers, 1984, CRS MS#401
  23. Austin Hallett Emery, Jr. Papers, 1963-2016, CRS MS#402
  24. Jack Pearl Lewis Papers, 1943-1995, CRS MS#403
  25. Milton Vaden Showalter Papers, 1953-1961, CRS MS#404
  26. John Archibald Wheeler Papers, 1930s-1999, CRS MS#405
  27. Ancel Edward Nunn Collection, 2002, CRS MS#406
  28. Callie Faye Milliken Papers, 1934-1990, CRS MS#407
  29. Phil Boone Collection, 2010-2012, CRS MS#408
  30. Gaylan Jane Collier Papers, 1947-1991, CRS MS#409
  31. Mima Ann Williams Papers, 1916-1957, CRS MS#412
  32. Royce Lynn Money Papers, 1973-1974, CRS MS#413
  33. Albert Frederick William Schoenrock II Collection, 1997, CRS MS#414
  34. Great Songs of the Church Artifacts, 1960s-1970s, CRS MS#416
  35. John Gresham Hardin Papers, 1933-1956, CRS MS#418
  36. Lee Len Clardy Collection, 1992, CRS MS#419
  37. John Wright Papers, 1844-1847, CRS MS#420
  38. Leon Henthorn Collection, 1906-1922, CRS MS#421
  39. Carr Family Bible, CRS MS#422
  40. D’Esta Love Papers, 1985-2014, CRS MS#424
  41. Carl Paul Matheny Papers, 1987-2003, CRS MS#425
  42. John Early Arceneaux Papers, 1904-1967, CRS MS#426
  43. Morris Solon May Papers, 1956-1995, CRS MS#429
  44. University Avenue Church of Christ (Austin, TX), Records, 1847-2005, CRS MS#430
  45. Sammie Guild Papers, 1978-2005, CRS MS#432
  46. Archie Harold Kennamer Papers, 1979-1989, CRS MS#433
  47. Sermon Charts Collection, circa 1930-1940, CRS MS#434
  48. David Ross Mickey Papers, 1959-2001, CRS MS#436
  49. Kenith Soule and Lillian Eva Hodges O’Neil Papers, 1941-1945, CRS MS#437
  50. Freddy Carl Brecheen Papers, 1955-2009, CRS MS#439
  51. Timothy W. Bench Papers, 2012-2018, CRS MS#440
  52. Sidney Vaughn Papers, 1978-1995, CRS MS#441
  53. Henry C. Farrar, Jr. Papers, 1973-1993, CRS MS#442
  54. Edwin Harold “Ed” Enzor, Jr. Papers, 1950-2015, CRS MS#443
  55. Wendel Lavern Moore Papers, 1951-1986, CRS MS#444
  56. William Roy “W. R.” Smith Papers, 1951-1969, CRS MS#446
  57. John Henry Austin Varner Papers, 1939-1985, CRS MS#447
  58. James Marion, Jr. and Kathryn Adelaide Kerby Tolle Collection, 1559-1952, CRS MS#448
  59. Barton Warren Stone, 1833, CRS MS#449
  60. Burl Edward “B. E.” Davis Papers, 1936-1989, CRS MS#450
  61. James Orville Wilburn Papers, 1927-1970, CRS MS#451
  62. Mirror Lake Christian Church (St. Petersburg, FL) Records, 1920-1991, CRS MS#453
  63. Gailyn Van Rheenen Papers, 1972-2016, CRS MS#455
  64. Don L. Hicks Papers, 1950-2016, CRS MS#456
  65. Edwin Randall “Randy” Becton Papers, 1970-2012, CRS MS#458
  66. Dawn Leslie Callaway Papers, 1991-2016, CRS MS#459
  67. Ghana Bible College Collection, 1967-2013, CRS MS#460
  68. Morris Dupree Norman Papers, 1948-2012, CRS MS#461
  69. Steve Holt, Sr. Papers, 1973-2018, CRS MS#462
  70. Paul William “Bill” Hosse Papers, 1949-2015, CRS MS#463
  71. Noble Festus Patterson, Jr. Papers, 1938-2013, CRS MS#465
  72. Robert D., Sr. and Lula Arrington Smith Papers, 1898-1993, CRS MS#466
  73. James Durward Willeford Papers, 1928-1967, CRS MS#468 
  74. Ray and Nancy Hansen Papers, 1943-1944, CRS MS#469
  75. Eddie Leon Sharp, Sr. Papers, 1949-1997, CRS MS#470
  76. 11th and Willis Church of Christ Tape Collection, CRS MS#472
  77. Gary Joe Sorrells Papers, 1965-2017, CRS MS#473
  78. Dale Victor Knowles II Papers, 1984-2008, CRS MS#476
  79. Christian Tape Library Collection, circa 1978, CRS MS#477
  80. Ewell Prather Papers, 1767-1976, CRS MS#478
  81. Carol Gafford Papers, 1974, CRS MS#479
  82. Hubert Connor “Con” Sweet, Jr. Collection, 1927-1928, CRS MS#480
  83. Lloyd Theodore ‘Ted’ Poe Papers, 2005-2018, CRS MS#483
  84. Alice Carlson Papers, 1946-1989, CRS MS#489
  85. Fifth and Grape Church of Christ (Abilene, TX) Records, 2006-2015, CRS MS#493
  86. Commerce Church of Christ (Commerce, TX) Records, 1963-2011, CRS MS#496
  87. Churches of Christ Audio Collection, 1955-2007, CRS MS#497
  88. A. M. and John McCormick Papers, 1934-1973, CRS MS#498
  89. Hermitage Church of Christ (Nashville, TN) Records, 1967-2017, CRS MS#499
  90. Joe Allen Wilson Papers, 1960-1981, CRS MS#510
  91. James David “J. D.” Thomas Papers, 1930-2004, CRS MS#520

Stay tuned to see where 2022 takes us! As always, if you see something above that piques your interest or could be useful for your research please get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking about; we’d love to help!

Today in ACU History: January 3, 1949

The first issue of Horizons is published 10 times each year as a four-page bulletin for students, parents of students, and friends of Abilene Christian College. It becomes a magazine in 1963 and later wins regional and national acclaim from the American College Public Relations Association, Time/Life and Newsweek with Dr. Charlie Marler (’55) as editor.

From Dr. John’s Perpetual Calendar: One Hundred Years of ACU History, One Day at a Time. The calendar was published in honor of ACU’s Centennial by Abilene Christian University by the Office of Creative Services, ACU.

Finding Aid Round Up

We’ve been busy writing finding aids for recent acquisitions and revising finding aids for sets of papers already in our holdings. You can browse all of our collections on DigitalCommons. See something below that piques your interest or could be useful for your research? Get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking about; we’d love to help!

William Roy “W. R.” Smith Papers, 1951-1969, MS#446 [Revised Finding Aid]
William Roy “W. R.” Smith was born September 22, 1893 in Nacogdoches, Texas. He was married to Mayme Christian Rice Smith. The couple had two children. In 1933 W. R. Smith founded Lee Junior College in Baytown, Texas. He served as president at Lee Junior College until 1936 when he began working at Abilene Christian College. He was vice president of ACC from 1940-1962. The Smiths traveled extensively teaching Bible classes throughout the United States and Canada. Mayme passed away on November 18, 1975 and W. R. passed away on April 29, 1976. This collection includes correspondence regarding the McGarvey Fellowship Program, W. R. Smith Graduate Fund, and Restoration Quarterly.

Dawn Leslie Callaway Papers, 1991-2016, MS#459 [Revised Finding Aid]
Dawn Leslie Callaway (she also went by ‘Lori J. Lee’ and ‘Rebel Yell’) hitchhiked and lived on the streets most of her life. She published “Hitchhiker’s Dream” in 1992, a verse record of her travels through the South under her pen name ‘Rebel Yell.’ Callaway connected with the Aspen Grove Christian Church (Franklin, TN) where the members helped her secure a job and find a place to live. Her journals provide insight into topics including women’s issues, poverty, justice, and homelesness. This collection includes 29 journals of poetry and notes, and a folder of personal information about Callaway.

Hitchhiker’s Dream by Rebel Yell, Dawn Leslie Callaway Papers, 1991-2016. Center for Restoration Studies MS #459. Abilene Christian University Special Collections and Archives, Brown Library. Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX.

James Durward Willeford Papers, 1928-1967, MS#468 [Revised Finding Aid]
James Durward Willeford was born in Grayson County, Texas, on April 13, 1916. His father died when he was nine, and his mother died when he was twelve. Willeford went to live in the Boles Orphan Home (Quinlan, Texas) until he graduated from high school. He attended college at West Texas State Teachers College (Canyon, Texas), Freed-Hardeman College (Henderson, Tennessee), Pennsylvania State College (State College, Pennsylvania), Abilene Christian College (Abilene, Texas), and the University of Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin). Willeford married Alice Marguerite Perkins on July 25, 1937. They had three children, and adopted one child. Willeford preached in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New Mexico, Texas, and Wisconsin. While preaching in Madison, Wisconsin, Willeford began producing a daily radio program. He later teamed up with James Walter Nichols and the 5th and Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, Texas) and began producing the Herald of Truth radio program. He preached for the Herald of Truth in its early years. When he died on August 3, 1992, he was an elder at the 5th and Grape Street Church of Christ (Abilene, TX). This collection includes transcripts and notes for Willeford’s sermons (1952-1960), and a small folder of materials from other authors and/or preachers.

Sermon, James Durward Willeford Papers, 1928-1967. Center for Restoration Studies MS #468. Abilene Christian University Special Collections and Archives, Brown Library. Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX.

Hubert Connor “Con” Sweet, Jr. Collection, 1927-1928, MS#480 [Revised Finding Aid]
Hubert Connor ‘Con’ Sweet, Jr. was born 12 August 1942 in Leadville, Colorado. From 1959-1963 he served in the U.S. Navy before moving to Austin, Texas and working as a truck driver. His interests included trains and photography, among others. He was a member of West Erwin Church of Christ in Tyler, Texas, and was active in a prison Bible correspondence ministry. He passed away on 13 August 2012 in Tyler, Texas. The Hubert Connor ‘Con’ Sweet, Jr. Collection contains one negative and six photographic prints of various scenes in the Abilene, Texas region.

J. Hermon Taylor Papers, circa 1915-1930, MS#512 [New Finding Aid]
According to Logan Key, great-great nephew of J. Hermon Taylor, family oral tradition holds that J. Hermon Taylor left home in Alabama around 1916 to attend a music school and died at a young age. These papers include a partial hymnal and some handwritten musical compositions by J. Hermon Taylor.

Stay tuned for more installments of Finding Aid Round Ups!