Online digital repository reaches new milestone, thousands of items just clicks away

In September our online digital repository reached a new milestone, with over 100,000 downloads in a single month.  Launched in 2014, the repository contains over 27,000 items: from single photographs to audio recordings to full-length books and dissertations.  In September researchers from 1800 institutions in 185 countries downloaded materials.

There is a wealth of information here.  What can you discover?

This screen shot is not clickable, so here are the direct links. Each link opens in a new window:

The most popular papers in September were:
Church Directory and List of Preachers of Churches of Christ (6613 downloads)
The Effect of Anxiety and Depression on College Students’ Academic Performance: Exploring Social Support as a Moderator (2669 downloads)
A Qualitative Case Study Examining Parental Involvement and Parent-School Partnership Strategies in a Middle School: Perspectives of Parents, Teachers, and Administrators (931 downloads)

The most popular publications in September were:
Everett Ferguson Photo Collection (27432 downloads)
Lectureship and Summit Audio Collection (15888 downloads)
Electronic Theses and Dissertations (15674 downloads)

Challenges: The Restoration Movement in Texas film now available online on DigitalCommons and Vimeo

In 1986 Herald of Truth and Abilene Christian University collaborated on a video retelling 150 years of Restoration history in Texas.  It features R. L. Roberts, Bill Humble, Richard Hughes, Ethelyn Mitchall, John Stevens and William Teague. Beginning in the 1830s, and filmed on location at historic sites, this film summarizes the people, places, events, and issues that defined the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches in the Lone Star state.

The film is now available online for free streaming and download on Vimeo and on DigitalCommons.

Challenges – The Restoration Movement in Texas from ACU Library on Vimeo.

Some new additions

Here are just a few of our recent additions.  Thank you–a BIG thank you!–to our generous friends and donors who build this permanent collection. This post describes our collecting philosophy for print and archival collections and this post has some additional information along with a link to our full collection development policy.  We welcome your partnership to locate and preserve these valuable materials.