Royce Money’s 1999 apology at Southwestern Christian College now available on video

In November 1999 Dr. Royce Money, President of Abilene Christian University, made a formal apology on behalf of Abilene Christian University, its board, administration, faculty and staff, to an assembly at the 50th anniversary celebration of Southwestern Christian College, Terrell, Texas.

Dr. Money was introduced by Southwestern President Dr. Jack Evans, whose remarks begin at the 1:17:15 mark.

Money confessed that ACU acted in prejudiced and discriminatory ways toward African-Americans, particularly by denying their admission for almost the first full sixty years of the school’s existence.  The full video can be viewed here:

He repeated his statement at the annual Bible lectureship at ACU in February, 2000. The audio recording of that speech is available here:

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The new issue of Restoration Quarterly has just been published.  Our readers may remember that for several years some RQ articles were available on the ACU website in HTML format.  Those articles are now available as downloadable PDF’s on  For the benefit of users who would like to browse the contents of RQ, we also included all issue covers even when full-text articles from that issue are not online.

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Here are the three most recent issue covers:

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