Track and Field with ACU’s Bobby Morrow

Track and Field with ACU’s Bobby Morrow (1957-58). This reel of news stories about college track and field meets focuses primarily on Abilene Christian College’s Bobby Morrow competing at meets in 1957 and 58. The stories capture scenes from the West Coast Relays in Fresno in 1957, the Texas Relays in Austin in 1957, and the American Business Club Relays in Big Spring in 1958. Throughout, Morrow and the ACC relay team that also included Bill Woodhouse, James Segrest, and Waymond Griggs consistently break records. Among other footage of big names in track and field are scenes of Morrow racing Duke’s Dave Sime in 1958; Morrow and Sime were constant rivals for the title of “Fastest Man in the World.” Although they had both beat each other previously, in this race, Sime wins by a foot and a half.

Track and Field with ACU's Bobby Morrow 1957-58

Looking Ahead to Greater Horizons

Looking Ahead to Greater Horizons (1946-47) is a promotional film for Abilene Christian College (now named Abilene Christian University) that profiles the school’s Christian values, departments, extracurricular activities, and campus buildings, focusing primarily on the school’s benefactors and the World War II veterans that attend ACC. The narrator gives a history of campus development made possible through donors and examines temporary veteran housing that future donations could help improve.

Looking Ahead to Greater Horizons 1946-47


This Just In: Glenn Earle McMillan Papers

A few weeks ago the family Dr. Glenn Earle McMillan deposited with Center for Restoration Studies the class notes, academic research, sermon notes and some memorabilia from Earle’s career as minister and teacher.  Shown here is a notebook he kept while a student at ACC; it contains notes he made in a course on the Greek Old Testament.


Included are materials from congregations he served, outlines and manuscripts of sermons, and many files of notes he used in preparation for his teaching at Abilene Christian College.  The papers are in the processing pipeline.  When processing is complete a finding aid will be published and they will be available for unrestricted research.

This photo and sketch was published in Batsell Barrett Baxter and M. Norvel Young, eds. Preachers of Today, A Book of Biographical Sketches and Pictures of Living Gospel Preachers. vol. 2. Nashville: Gospel Advocate Company, 1959, pages 284-285:



















Dr. McMillan died in Abilene on 14 October 2013.  Click here to read the obituary.